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Private Arthur Hutt, VC

huttOn 4th October, 1917, during the attack by the 48th Division before St.Julien, the 7th Battalion had as their objective Tweed House. "A" Company captured their first objective but when they continued their advance, all the officers and non-commissioned officers in Private Hutt's platoon were hit. Private Hutt then took command and led forward the platoon. He was held up by a strong point on his right, but immediately ran forward alone, shot the officer and three men in the post, and caused forty or fifty others to surrender. Presently realising that he had pushed too far ahead, Private Hutt withdrew his party.

He personally covered the withdrawal, sniping the enemy and killing a number of them. Then he carried back a comrade, who had been badly wounded, and put him under shelter. After he had organised and consolidated his position, he learnt that some wounded men still lay out in the open, where they were likely to be taken prisoners. As no stretcher bearers were available, Hutt went out himself and carried in four men under heavy fire. He held his post until relieved on 7/8 October."