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New Year - try something new & different - volunteer for the museum!

Volunteering at the Fusilier Museum by Ethan Diston-Mitchell

I find volunteering for the museum really interesting.
Not only can I help people learn about the Regiment and Wars, I also learn stuff too, which I never knew. I also really enjoy meeting the other museum volunteers and staff whilst I have been here.

Volunteering is great in itself, but being able to volunteer at a museum that has many archives about a subject I enjoy, the military, makes it special.
In the museum we get given many tasks to do such as research about relatives that served in the World Wars. It is very interesting as it gives me lots of information about the individual soldier.

I have found out information about the Wars and the history of the regiment that the museum covers.
I have also got experience talking to the public, which has developed my communication and interaction skills. When I started volunteering these were my main goals.
This is all thanks to the museum for helping me and supporting me when I am volunteering.

I decided to volunteer at the museum because I love what they do.
As I am in the Army Cadet Force, I thought that I could be a great help.
I hoped that I could learn to do what the staff and other volunteers do.
I love the fact that coming from a military background I can relate to the stories that the museum tells.

I don’t really have a favourite part about volunteering.
Everything is amazing, from being able to talk to customers and helping them, to searching for information about soldiers in the First and Second World Wars.
Overall I am really happy to be volunteering at the Fusilier Museum and wouldn’t change to volunteer anywhere else.
I have met so many nice and friendly people, like the other volunteers, customers, and also David and Stephanie.

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